Women Empowerment Campaign

Herstory is a campaign celebrating womanhood at UCLA, and we are proud in partnering in our upcoming “Women Empowerment Campaign.” The Women Empowerment Campaign Committee will focus on connecting female bruins in specific fields across campus. This committee will strive to empower women to work towards their personal definition of success and to empower men to support and encourage women in their endeavors. We will do this by inviting female leaders from the Bruin community and beyond to sit on panels, lead discussions, and build a community where women feel empowered to lean into their future career/life paths of choice. Check out their Facebook Page, and keep updated with the upcoming events. 

Herstory at UCLA

Directors: Melina Rodgers, Christina Vuong, Annie Guedikian (Herstory at UCLA)

Committee: Irsa Ashraf, Jason Ergina, Ariana Michael (Herstory at UCLA)