Academic Appointments

As stakeholders in the university, academic senate student appointments play a crucial role in the co-governance model of the university. These appointments engage in the framework of the university on multiple levels from curricula of general education to planning and budgetary review. The Academic Senate is the place for students to voice out and partake in advocacy of students needs on all undergraduate matters. For more information on the committees of the Academic Senate, please visit

With questions, please contact Executive Director of Appointments, Miranda Baker,


Academic Senate Appointments:

Academic Freedom: Oscar Arroyo, Rafael Garibay

Continuing and Community Education: Gareth Wang

Diversity & Equal Opportunity: Addrita Das, Annie Guilyard

Executive Board: Sujith Cherukumilli, Taylor Lee

GE Governance: Caitlin Corker, Jennifer West

Instruction and Technology: Glen Florendo

Intercollegiate Athletics: Allen Ye

International Education: Lauri Label

Legislative Assembly: Aaron Boudale, Amir Kashfi, Mrinnalka Sivakumar

Library & Scholarly Communications: Clare Camilleri

Planing & Budget: Amir Kashfi, Daanyaal Kumar

Research: Andrew Shapiro

Teaching: Deepak Ravikumar

Undergraduate Admissions & Relations with Schools: Jack Guo, Libby Burke

Undergraduate Council: Ally Miller

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