About AAC

What is USAC and why does it matter?

The Undergraduate Student Association Council (USAC) is comprised of 13 elected undergraduate members who represent over 28,000 undergraduate students.The body of USAC’s aim is to vigilantly and passionately represent student needs to UCLA administration, the campus, and the community, ensuring that every student gets the most out of their college experience and student fees. After paying close to $150 to your student government, it’s incredibly important to ensure elected officials hold true to their word of representing you and serving your needs. It is the goal of USAC to enrich the lives of every student and these elected officials are accountable for your needs. For more information check out the USAC website at http://www.usac.ucla.edu.

What is the Academic Affairs Commission?

The Academic Affairs Commissioner serves as the liaison between the 29,000+ undergraduate students, USAC, the Academic Senate, and administration in order to represent the Associated Students on all matters of educational policy and academic affairs. It is the responsibility of the Academic Affairs Commission to provide programs, initiatives, and activities that enhance the educational environment at UCLA. This year’s commission will focus on tackling issues of accessibility, academic wellness, inclusivity, and the need to celebrate diversity and community within an academic context.



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